World Cup Round 3 Relay

Aug. 26, 2017

The relay was held in the same area as the middle distance so everyone knew what to expect from the terrain and how tough that ski hill is going to be at the very end of the race.

I got to run the first leg which was exciting as this is one of my favourite legs.
My team was:
1. Me
2. Sandra Pauzaite
3. Indre Valaite

The first part of the race went really well, I managed to run together with Cat Taylor and Elena Ross in the front and I past the arena at the 5th place which I didn't expect at all! After the spectators passing the hilly part begin and I did one small mistake where I got caught by a few girls that were running behind me. I wasn't prepared that well for the hills physically so in the last part I lost some more places and finished the leg at the 10th position.

Sandra finished in the 11th position in Leg 2 and Indre came back in the 17th position at the last leg.

Photo: PhotoMiller sports & Jānis Līgats

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