Sylvester Orienteering 5 days, Day 2

Dec. 27, 2015

It was a really nice terrain, good map and interesting course! Even though the course was really challenging, I enjoyed it a lot. If you look at the map, it doesn't look that difficult, however the surface was really tough to run through. It was either really sandy (even on the tracks) or the ground was full of heather and moss.

Talking about my race, I'm only partially satisfied with it. I did one big mistake to the 6th control, that was in a very green area, so I kept running in circles and couldn't find the right re-entrant for way too long. Besides this, I took a few bad routechoices, mostly because of being a little stupid, running too fast and not concentrating on my compass.

All in all, I'm really happy I got a chance to participate today and really hope to find more terrains like this here in the Netherlands.

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