25 manna 2014

Oct. 11, 2014

IFK Lidingo is the strongest club in Scandinavia (or I can even say in the whole world)! I am so happy to be a part of the team! I ran the 3rd leg together with Sofia, Frida and Matleena. All of us had a pretty good races as we finished without any big gaps in between us. In this way all the 4th leg runners were able to start almost at the same time..

Talking about my race, my plan was to have a secure and clean race. Leading from this, using a road to the first control was a smart choice. This helped me to get into the map and orienteering. After that I didn't have any big problems until I got to the 5th control. I didn't take enough time to check the best route to the control 6, so I ended up running through the left side which wasn't the best route choice.

I had a small problem to the control 7 as well, as I found the area quite hard to understand so had to double check the map and direction too often. The rest of the course went without any big problems and I was happy to finish first of my team girls(mine and Sofia's names are mixed up in the results).

The legs in the middle of the relay went OK, with not so many big problems. All the tension started in the second last leg when Helena had a very good race and managed to finish in the 3rd position, 30 seconds behind Julia Novikova (Hiidenkiertajat) and Tyra Kleijn (my ex club Sodertalje-Nykvarn). Fredrik who was running the last leg did such an amazing race! At the spectator control he was already running in the lead together with Jonas Leandersson (Sodertalje-Nykvarn), so everyone knew that the real fight will be in the finish. By the last control all of my team were waiting for Fredrik and hoping he will come in front of Jonas. Couldn't believe when I actually saw Fredrik coming alone to the last control, leaving Jonas about 100 meters behind him! It was an exciting finish of the relay! Me and the rest of my team couldn't be happier. Good to end orienteering season with such a victory!

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